Startups: What are some startup ideas that frequently fail?

That is, year after year, there are entrepreneurs who attempt variations of that idea despite nobody having ever succeeded in that space before? more...

By: Lee Semel, http://leesemel.com
  Source: Quora.com

Business: How does a new business get its first clients?

When I first started a business, I was 21, bald, and had the social confidence of an asthmatic fieldmouse.
Fortunately I started my business with an ultra-confident Sales Director, who unfortunately turned out to be both hopeless and completely mental. He punched me in the face during our second board meeting. more...

By: Oliver Emberton, Founder of Silktide
 Source: Quora.com

What is the best advice for a young, first-time startup CEO?

I have a few thoughts I can share on this topic. At 19, I was the CEO & founder of WeGame and just raised $3M Series A. It would have been great to have a thread like this back then :). There are literally hundreds of lessons I can share, but I'll try to keep it short. more...

By: Jared Kim, I build companies
  Source: Quora.com

Hot Startup of the Week: ParaBlu

By Shubhra Rishi

CIO India

Bangalore (08/21/2014) - A 2012 startup in the cloud storage space is making 'Bring Your Own Cloud' a catchphrase in the enterprise.
Startups have suddenly become the buzzword everywhere. Today there is a growing trend of large organizations working with startups. 'NextGen', a 50,000 square feet startup warehouse, which Nasscom is setting up will offer technology entrepreneurs a hub to work on innovative ideas. They are also be funded and mentored by venture capitalists.
Not just in India, but more than 70 percent of CIOs globally plan to change their technology and sourcing relationships over the next two to three years, and many are seeking to partner with small companies and startups, says Gartner. more..

Researchers build screen to solar power your phone

FRAMINGHAM (08/21/2014) - With batteries stubbornly refusing to get more efficient, researchers continue to hunt for new ways to power our gadgets. Recently, a cover story for the journal Advanced Optical Materials described how researchers at Michigan State University developed a transparent plastic they believe could double as both the screen for your devices and a solar power center.
Richard Lunt lead the team and says the material is intended for any surface where you want to maintain the underlying aesthetic -- be it an app on a glass screen, or a sunset out the window.
"It could be integrated [into] the touchscreen of a tablet or an e-reader," he told CITEworld. "We've designed it so you can retrofit it to your surface, like one of the protective films to prevent scratching." more...

OPPO-rtunistic: China smartphone heavyweight set for Australian launch

SYDNEY (08/22/2014) - The Chinese smartphone market is both the fastest growing and largest globally. Established electronic brands such as Samsung and Apple are placing a greater focus on these markets, but the leviathans are losing out to local Chinese smartphone companies, such as Xiaomi and Oppo. 
Xiaomi may have been crowned the number one smartphone vendor in China recently, but it is Oppo who will sell its smartphones to the western world first. 
Good Gear Guide has received an invitation to Oppo's Australian launch. The event is scheduled within a fortnight on 2 September. The invitation says:

"Mark your diaries to be among the first to hear all the news from one of the leading mobile phone brands across APAC as they begin their Australian journey, and get hands on with the products for the first time locally." more...

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